Have You Watched “Midsommar”?

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I rarely watch scary movies, and Megan has a similar inclination. But Midsommar has been on my list for a while due to the critical acclaim for the film.

For some reason we were in the mood to try the movie this past weekend, and having watched it, I agree with the critics: It’s a masterfully composed film with numerous long takes (very few quick cuts), superb acting, moments of levity, and the brightest, most cheerful setting I’ve ever seen in a horror film.

It’s also deeply disturbing. Some of the images are permanently etched in my memory. A friend watched the movie 2 years ago and says it still haunts him.

I’m truly impressed that the movie is able to do this with almost no cheap scares (there’s one, but you see it coming from a mile away). It makes me hope that this director makes some non-horror movies–I’d love to see Ari Aster’s take on other genres.

If you’ve seen Midsommar, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. If you haven’t seen it and what I’ve described here applies to you, I highly recommend it. Just be warned!

3 thoughts on “Have You Watched “Midsommar”?”

  1. I also don’t typically watch horror, but I loved Midsommer. The recent trend of horror being unsettling (It Follows, Get Out, The VVitch) as opposed to aggressively terrifying is much more to my liking, and I believe more able to provoke thought and discussion.

  2. I brought 2 friends who are not big horror fans to this one. I don’t think they were too happy with me 🙂
    I had seen Ari Aster’s previous movie “Hereditary” and loved it. I found Midsommar more disturbing, as you said, than scary. I thought it was a little slow but very memorable and I felt oddly proud for watching it, like I was part of a small but select club.

    Hereditary is more of an actual horror movie, and it’s a VERY good one 🙂


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