7 Pretty Good Movies/Shows I Watched Recently

On my list of blog topics I seem to be accumulating movies and shows that I want to say something about even though they didn’t inspire any major thought or revelation. So today I’m going to clear some of them off the list with quick reactions to each:

  • The Legend of Korra: I actually did write about this show a while ago, but I wanted to follow up when the series was complete to say that I loved it even more than I did when I started. It’s one of the best action-adventure fantasy series I’ve ever seen, and I can’t recommend it enough (even if you haven’t seen Avatar, as I think Korra is significantly better if you’re an adult). I particularly like how the relationships between the main characters evolve over time and how side characters become major players.
  • Soul: Soul is the latest Pixar movie, and it’s quite good! My favorite aspect of it is the trippy way the afterlife is portrayed, especially the arbiters of that world (they look like abstract paintings).
  • Locked Down: This is a heist movie about the pandemic lockdown, filmed during the lockdown. Actually, I should say that it’s advertised as a heist movie, but it’s much more about the relationship between two people and how lockdown impacts them. Anne Hathaway is excellent in it, as is Chiwetel Ejiofor. Probably the most interesting aspect of the movie is that the director had an idea (but no script) that depended entirely on a department store in London letting him film there during the lockdown.
  • The Witches: Speaking of Anne Hathaway, she’s also in a new version of The Witches (based on a book by Roald Dahl that terrified me as a kid). It’s a movie geared towards kids, but it held up pretty well for adults too, and it doesn’t overstay its welcome. I particularly like in both the book and the movie that there’s a problem that simply isn’t solved.
  • Bonding: This is an addictive Netflix show–a dramatic comedy–about bondage. I know nothing about bondage, so it was interesting to learn a bit about it, and I thought it was interesting that some of the episodes were incredibly short (like, 15 minutes). I’ve mentioned this before, but I love how streaming shows can be exactly the length they need to be opposed to shows made for network television.
  • Little Women: This new adaptation of the classic book is really, really well done. The acting is superb, the pacing is snappy for a period piece, and the characters are considerably more nuanced than I’m used to seeing on the screen. They grow and change and get better and worse at times. I highly recommend this.
  • Zombieland Double Tap: The first Zombieland movie was fun, and this one was also fun. Without spoiling anything, I love self-referential humor in movies, and there’s a great bit along those lines 2/3s of the way through the movie.

Have you enjoyed any of these movies or shows? Have you watched anything recently that you’d recommend? We’re finishing up WandaVision and Raised by Wolves soon, both of which I’ll be discussing here, and we’ll soon be looking for a new hourlong show for dinner viewing.

5 thoughts on “7 Pretty Good Movies/Shows I Watched Recently”

      • There are so many!! The 1994 version is one of the only movies I watch every single year! (It’s a Christmas family tradition.) So it’s my fav because I know it so well. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. I definitely enjoyed this one and felt like it balanced staying true to the story and giving some fresh perspective!

  1. I just finished binge-watching “Tell Me Your Secrets” on Amazon Prime. 45-minute episodes. It had me hooked with a nicely paced psycho-thriller. Might not make for great dinner theater, but you never know. I really hope they make a Season 2.


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