Have You Watched “Ted Lasso”? (My Thoughts)

Our lunchtime show over the last week was one that was recommended to me dozens of times. I must admit that I didn’t rush into it, because I assumed that it would primarily consist of jokes about how an American football coach doesn’t understand European football.

Fortunately, that assumption was quite wrong. There are a few jokes like that, but most of the humor is character-driven. And the driving force of the show is its heart. Lasso is incredibly warm and endlessly optimistic, despite the circumstances of coaching a sport he knows nothing about. While it’s not a purely “nice” show like Parks & Rec (there are a few slightly antagonistic characters), Lasso shows how to lead with kindness and compassion. I love that.

As a lifelong soccer player and fan, it also helps that the main subject matter is the English Premier League. Most of the actors appear to be soccer players themselves.

One other reason it took me a while to consider Ted Lasso is that it’s on yet another streaming network, Apple TV. We don’t need 7 streaming services, so we’ll probably just keep this one for a little while. While we’re here, we’re planning to watch Mythic Quest, The Morning Show, See, For All Mankind, Defending Jacob, and On the Rocks. Would you suggest any others? And what did you think of Ted Lasso?

5 thoughts on “Have You Watched “Ted Lasso”? (My Thoughts)”

  1. I watched Ted Lasso this past weekend and loved it. I thought you’d like it as well; clearly I wasn’t the only one.
    I don’t have AppleTV though; they have very few offerings that appeal to me.
    I would suggest the Tom Hanks WWII submarine movie Greyhound though. Tense action/thriller. It’s not big on plot though 🙂

  2. We thought it was excellent, funny and heart-warming and seldom going quite where we thought the plot was going to take us but in all the right ways.

  3. Ted Lasso was great! I can also suggest Calls. I’m not sure it’s your thing, but the episodes are short.

    I’ve also watched Servant, For All Mankind, and See. I can’t really give my seal of approval for those three, but they were entertaining.

    It’s difficult to compare anything to The Morning Show (which I’ve watched twice now). I think I went into a bit of a TV-show-depression after watching it and feeling like nothing else could compare. Hah, not to set expectations too high.


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