My Top 10 Favorite Games (as of February 2021)

Every six months I update my top 10 favorite tabletop games list. For this list, I looked back at most of my top 10 videos over the last few years for games that were ranked 1 and 2 multiple times (for any type of list, most of which focus on a specific mechanism), and I ranked those games for this list.

There are many great games from other publishers that won’t make the list even though I’m fond of them, and if I use this metric in the future, I’m sure some newer games will make the list. Stonemaier Games products aren’t eligible due to extreme bias on my part.

The previous list is here. As for the new list, I revealed my selections and honorable mentions in a video earlier today (at the bottom of this post), so I’ll keep the written descriptions succinct.

Honorable mentions: A Feast for Odin, On Tour, Patchwork, Azul Summer Pavilion, Hanamikoji, Magic, and Ra

10. Just One: This is the lightest game on this list, but I love how easy it is to get to the table. It’s a cooperative game where you’re trying to help a person guess a specific word with a one-word clue. It works just as well remotely as it does in person.

9. Terra Mystica: This is the heaviest game on this list, and it’s one of my all-time most played games. It’s an asymmetric engine-building game that presents a unique puzzle every time you play. I love trying to optimize each faction.

8. Shards of Infinity: I mostly play this brilliant dueling deckbuilding game against the computer, but I also loved playing the cooperative campaign twice with Megan. I love that a dueling game can turn into a cooperative game for couples and be just as satisfying (you just need the Shadow of Salvation expansion).

7. TIME Stories: I absolutely love this cooperative scenario-based game in which you set off to a different type and place to solve a problem. Much of the game played through a first-person perspective in such a way that looking at the art really matters.

6. Fantasy Realms: For a 15-minute filler game, it feels amazing to build your hand of cards that combo together. This was the inspiration for a heavier game that we’re releasing soon, Red Rising.

5. Quacks of Quedlinburg: This potion-brewing game combines so many things I love: bag building, push your luck, engine building, simultaneous actions…it’s an amazing elixir that’s fun whether I win or lose.

4. Castles of Mad King Ludwig: I love castles, and this game provides such rewarding ways to build a zany castle while you try to price and buy rooms at the right time. I backed the new edition on Kickstarter and can’t wait to try it.

3. Lords of Waterdeep: I find myself frequently itching to play this worker-placement game, both due to that mechanism and the satisfying missions and expanding actions (the buildings). It has a great app, though I miss playing it in person.

2. Clank: This deckbuilding, dungeon-crawling game with a run-in-run-out mechanism makes me happy every time I play it. I’ve played most of the expansions and the legacy version, and I keep coming back for more.

1. 7 Wonders Duel: For completely different eligibility reasons, this 2-player dueling game with I-cut-you-choose and a few instant-win conditions was also at the top of my previous top 10 list. It’s a fantastic game to play in person, and in the meantime it can also be played on Board Game Arena.

What are a few of your favorite games that you’ve consistently ranked among your favorite games?

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  1. For me, the ones that will regularly fall into my Top 10 (if not Top 20) include, Arkham Horror, 2nd Ed.; La Granja; Concordia; Gaia Project (though I don’t like Terra Mystica); Nations; and Coimbra!


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