The Doppelgänger Dilemma

We’ve all been there: After an intense chase or battle, you find yourself face to face with your beloved. Second later, someone else who looks, talks, and acts exactly like you steps into the room. What can you possibly say to convince your beloved to shoot your doppelgänger and not you?

I like to be prepared for these sorts of situations. After watching Terminator: Genisys recently, I realized that I don’t have a doppelgänger plan, so I figured I’d formulate one today.

Perhaps the most obvious solution is to say something to the person that only I would know. Perhaps an inside joke or even something specific that happened between me and the other person earlier in the day.

But if we’re in a universe where doppelgängers are possible, the doppelgänger may have copied my thoughts and memories. In fact, they may try to share an inside joke before I even have the chance to talk.

So here’s what I propose: Instead of proving that I’m the real Jamey, I could say, “Shoot both of us and save yourself.” No self-serving doppelgänger is going to suggest such a thing, so the other person will instantly know that I’m the real Jamey.

If the doppelgänger copies my memory and remembers writing this post, I still think they’re unlikely to say the thing that could result in them getting shot. I’ll just have to say it faster than them.

What’s your doppelgänger plan?

8 thoughts on “The Doppelgänger Dilemma”

  1. Hmm, tricky for sure!
    If they have all my thoughts and memories then fundamentally – perhaps – they are the same person as me. I might try being friends with them?
    I guess part of the scenario is that they are fundamentally antagonistic and have a sinister agenda and that they can “ride” the memories without becoming absorbed in my personality. But I also think they probably wouldn’t try to become friends with me, so perhaps that’s still the answer 🙂

  2. IN a strange and different way, my daughter and I have talked about this…not with regard to a doppelganger, but if she couldn’t see me and could only hear my voice. And, if my voice was altered in some way, how would she really know it’s me. We have a lot of inside jokes and that would easily be or go-to should we ever need to execute the plan.

  3. I think your best solution would be some kind of unique physical object, a token, that you keep on your person 100% of the time. Even better, embed it under your skin. Doppeljamey could replicate your physical appearance, and possess your memories. But he could not replicate that unique physical object.

    Now of course, he has your memories, so he knows about the token. So he would come to take it from you. At that point, you would know about him. If you survive the encounter, either 1) You are dead, sorry. 2) you have the token still, so no worries or 3) He has the token, so you can now call your beloved and set up the passphrase, which Doppeljamey can’t know, since he has your memories from before the encounter where he took it, and not new memories.

  4. Of all the days to miss a post!

    This is a true dilemma. A few of the starter questions that come to mind for me are (1) Does Megan have easy access to a gun to shoot either you or the doppelganger? (2) If so, does she know how to use the gun?

    I don’t think Laura (or Megan, for that matter) would feel comfortable enough shooting one of us (you or me, Jamey)…for fear of shooting the wrong one. Do you think the Doppelganger might also know that, and may then be more willing to call for both Jameys/Trevors to be shot, with the confidence the trigger would not be pulled?

    Upon reflection, I’m liking Adam’s token idea. The only other thought I had re: some kind of words that would indicate the real person might have to be the last ones you said to your significant other, since you never know when the doppelganger was created/last copied over your memories, thoughts, and secret hopes for who the Miami Dolphins would sign in free agency.

    My final thought, though is to know yourself to beat yourself. Knowing myself, I’m too competitive to turn down a challenge, so my doppelganger would be as well. I’d challenge myself to something in which good should inherently defeat evil, such as an ethics competition. My doppelganger, being as competitive as I am, would accept. If I can’t beat an evil doppelganger at being a good person, I probably deserve to lose/die/etc anyway. Therefore, I’d leave everyone to think about this question: What aspect of being you (that both you and the doppelganger would have) could you use to your advantage in a good vs evil situation?

    • If we were in a movie, it would seem that a gun is always involved. But no, Megan doesn’t have access to a gun, though I think she has shot one once.

      That’s a good point about Megan/Laura shooting me/you, and the Doppleganger might realize that.

      Turning the focus on a competition between you and the Doppleganger is an interesting approach (unless the Doppleganger is adept at pretending to be good). Perhaps I could involve the cats? I’m very protective of them, and the Doppleganger might have a hard time faking that. Plus, the cats might be able to sniff out the real Jamey. Unless the Doppleganger has treats and/or catnip. Then I’m in real trouble.

      • I like it! If you ask yourself, “How good am I at lying/faking things?” If you’re very good, then my suggestion may not work. If you’re not so good, perhaps the cats are the key to your Doppelvictory!


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