What Did You Think of “Ready Player Two”?

I really love Ready Player One. Yes, it has plenty of flaws, but I love the rollercoaster adventure of the first book. So I was really excited to hear last year that the author was working on a sequel; of course, it’s called Ready Player Two.

My expectations were lowered when one of my favorite reviewers railed on the book, but I dove into it a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised.

Ready Player Two takes place a few years after the climactic ending of the first book. There are some major elements of worldbuilding progression that I won’t spoil, but I really like how much they impact the plot throughout the book.

Then something happens, and the characters are swept into another high-stakes adventure. That’s what kept me turning pages in the first book, and I was entertained throughout the sequel as well.

My only major gripe is the scope of the info dump that author Ernest Cline imposes upon the reader. Nuggets of nerd trivia are fun; pages filled with minutiae about niche nerd subculture feels like the author is either showing off or justifying hours of research. I ended up skimming through pages of info dumps, and I’m fine with that.

Overall, if you liked Ready Player One, I think you’ll like the sequel as well. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments if you’ve read them both.

4 thoughts on “What Did You Think of “Ready Player Two”?”

  1. Hi Jamey,

    I’ve devoured Ready Player One many times and was really excited for Ready Player Two.

    There are times where RP2 comes close to the captivating, page-turning, grip that RP1 had, but it never seems to match it. RP1 covers a lot of story and it does it at great pace, I never felt that any part of the story was being rushed, and no opportunity for nerd trivia was overlooked.

    RP2 on the other hand had a couple of story points where it felt like “we had to go here and do this thing, and we went there and did it, then we had to go somewhere and do something else”. Maybe there’s a tinge of disappointment because I didn’t connect with as much of the trivia in RP2 as much as I did with RP1, and I’m fine with that.

    To balance that there were some great points where I was excited by how the story was playing out, and a couple of points of surprise, which made the book enjoyable.

    Will I read it as much as I’ve read RP1, maybe, but only when I’ve read RP1 again.

    • I definitely resonate with much of what you say here, especially the string of fetch quests. I didn’t mind it all that much, but it seemed to escalate less than the original as a result.

  2. I absolutely loved Ready Player One and was predisposed for the same with Ready Player Two. It took me a while to get into Ready Player Two. If I hadn’t enjoyed the first book so much I’m not sure I would have stuck with it. But I’m glad I did because I did end up enjoying Ready Player Two, although not as much as the first book.


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