Have You Ever Seen a Ghost?

Perhaps a prelude to this question should be: Do you believe in ghosts? For me, I lean on science pretty heavily with just a little wiggle room for some weird stuff that is currently well beyond our scientific capabilities. Given the laws of entropy, I think it’s possible that the energy that leaves your body when you die continues to “remember” its previous state in some way. It may not be a ghost in the traditional sense, but it could be ghostlike.

Personally, I’ve never seen or experienced a ghost, but there was one time that I wonder if my cat did. It was on a normal evening at my old condo., I was finishing dinner when I heard Biddy make an odd sound.

I looked down the hallway to see Biddy sitting at the precipice of my office, staring intently into the room and growling softly. I felt goosebumps on my arms, as it seemed like Biddy was seeing something that I could not perceive.

After observing this behavior for a minute, I walked down the hallway to see what Biddy was looking at. He didn’t budge as I approached. Logically, I thought maybe an outside animal–a snake, perhaps–had made its way into the room.

But there was nothing in the room. I poked around and found nothing. Even with me in the room, assuring Biddy it was fine, he wouldn’t move from the doorway. Something really was spooking him.

Ten minutes later, however, he calmed down and acted as if nothing had happened. He never did it again.

So that’s my closest encounter with something that may have been beyond my comprehension…or just a moment of cat craziness. Have you ever seen a ghost?

2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Seen a Ghost?”

  1. I saw a ghost at a friends house in my teens. She lived in one of those huge old homes in Ferguson. I did not believe her or her mom but what the heck…
    I spent the night there and when we went to bed we were just two teenage girls giggling, talking, not thinking about the ghost. Then. It was there. Kind of like glowing lights in the corner in a rocking chair. Scared me! But nothing happened to us. Supposedly she was friendly. The research they had done on the house was a you g girl (5?) had died in the house. So yes. A ghost.

    A crazier story from beyond happened to my husband. The world to him is black and white. If you cannot explain it it does not exist. He also used to make fun of me for being open minded /gullible.

    We are both working at home one day. He has a second, specially built garage built in addition to our regular garage. His special garage literally has a car life like car repair garages have. He was working on his skid loader up on the lift and started to do something dangerous by releasing some safety equipment on his skid loader to save him time. The skid loader jerked dangerously and his phone rang.

    He stopped to look at his phone. The caller ID said it was his mom who had passed away 5 years earlier.

    He was in shock, disbelief then in tears. My macho guy who hardly ever cried.

    He called me on his phone to tell me what happened. He kept his mom’s phone number in his phone because he could not delete his mom. I thought MAYBE he had accidentally dialed it and the new person who had her number was calling him back.

    Later our Don, another nonbeliever, could find NO outgoing call to her number, only this one incoming call, coming in while he was doing something dangerous.

    I then CALLED her number and it was still disconnected…

    We have other woo-woo stories (coins, birds) that convince me we are connected in ways that science can yet explain…


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