My Cousin Is in a Movie!

Many years ago, Braveheart wowed me with its cinematography, epic historical story, huge battle scenes, and heartbreaking moments. I hadn’t thought about it in a long time, though, until I learned something surprising last year: There was a sequel, and it starred my cousin.

You might be thinking, “How did I not hear about this?” It’s probably the culmination of a few different factors: Movie theaters were shut down last spring when the movie released, it was a relatively small production, and it’s missing Braveheart himself because of, well, history.

The film is called Robert the Bruce, though it largely centers on a family living in the Scottish foothills. In fact, Angus MacFadyen–the same actor who played Robert the Bruce in Braveheart–doesn’t even speak for the first half of the movie, making me wonder if his contract provided the role but no dialogue (that eventually changes).

As a result, my cousin–Brandon Lessard–actually gets to play a fairly prominent role as the eldest son of the Scottish family despite being a relatively new actor. Brandon is most definitely not Scottish, but his Scottish accent is solid. While I think he has a lot of growth as an actor, the potential is there, and it was neat to see him in the film.

If you’re expecting Braveheart 2, you won’t get it with Robert the Bruce. But it’s a solid story set in the beautiful Scottish countryside (I’m hoping it was actually filmed there), and I think it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a quiet drama this weekend. We rented it on Amazon Prime.

Has anyone in your family appeared in a movie?

1 thought on “My Cousin Is in a Movie!”

  1. I don’t know any actors in movies, but when I was a kid, there was a movie called Meet the Applegates that was filmed in my small midwestern hometown. It was about a family of aliens blending into a human town. I knew a few people who were extras in the movie, and there was, uncomfortably, a sex scene filmed in the gym of my middle school.


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