Have You Watched “Bodyguard” on Netflix?

A while ago, a reader of this blog (I’m sorry, I don’t remember who) recommend a Netflix show called Bodyguard. We finally got around to watching it last week, and wow…it is really good.

I really can’t say much without spoiling the show, but the core concept–as the title suggests–is that the show is about a British police officer who is assigned to protect a government official. Shenanigans and conspiracies ensue, and the show kept us guessing until the end.

One of the great aspects of the show is that you can watch the opening scene and know quite quickly if it’s a good show for you (it’s about 15 minutes long, and it’s very intense). Also, the show is only 6 episodes, which was really nice–there’s no filler at all.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

8 thoughts on “Have You Watched “Bodyguard” on Netflix?”

  1. It might have been me that recommended it? I’ve done so to a few people and I usually state that it has maybe the best first 20 minutes of any show I’ve ever watched. I (obviously) thought it was great, and it actually hooked me on watching several British limited series thriller/mystery shows, though none as good as that one.

    • I think it was you, Katie–thank you! I agree about the first 20 minutes, and I love that those 20 minutes were connected to so many other aspects of the show.

  2. Hi Jamey,

    There is some really good ITV or BBC mini series with a closed storyline on British TV. The popular ones like Broadchurch often get follow up seasons. I enjoyed ITV series Collision about the lives of strangers intertwining in a car crash – the accents might be hard to pick up but I am not a native English speaker. Or The Five (by US mystery and thriller writer Harlan Coban) about 4 (!) friends and a murder. I watched them on Amazon Prime UK but they are also om Netflix UK, not sure if they are available in the US though.
    Enjoy your daily TV routine.

  3. Upon your recommendation Jamey (and your original recommendation Katie) I watched the first episode last night.

    Holy Cow!

    I was riveted for the opening scene! Not only was it tense, but it really laid a solid foundation for the main character – you learn quite a bit about him through important dialogue, in which he is trying to connect with someone (avoiding spoilers) and he is ALSO connecting with the audience.

    What really struck me about this opening is that it is a perfect “Save the Cat” scene. I had not heard this writing phrase before a few weeks ago when I read a review of a movie, and it described the opening “save the cat” scene. This is a storytelling or plot devise that shows the protagonist doing something “heroic” in the opening of the story that demonstrates what a good person this is, and gets the audience to connect with that character. It can be as simple as literally saving a cat from a tree or maybe helping a stranger out.

    But, now that I’m aware of this storytelling mechanism I’ve seen it everywhere. The opening of The Bodyguard is great and I can’t wait to watch the rest.

  4. Baker: I don’t think I’ve ever heard that term, but now I want to use that method in a board game! I’ll be looking for it in other shows and movies now.

  5. If you enjoyed Bodyguard, you will enjoy Line of Duty. Line of Duty is currently my favourite TV show. Both shows are by the same director.


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