How Did You Most Recently Discover an Awesome Musician?

When I look at my iTunes list, most of the songs I’ve purchased over the last few years stem from some other form of media. Maybe the musician appeared on SNL or I heard a catchy song in a movie, that sort of thing.

The general downside to this method is that I typically end up liking only the one song, not discovering a new favorite musician or band. So it’s a rare instance of pure happenstance that lets me find a musician that syncs perfectly with my tastes.

Such good fortune struck recently when I was emailing with a game reviewer. After figuring out the game-related stuff, the reviewer mentioned that his band is going on tour and that I would be welcome to attend their St. Louis show in August.

Now, as much as I appreciated the invitation, I knew nothing about the band’s music. All I knew was that the band was called Me Like Bees. There are lots of different styles of music out there, so the odds of me really enjoying it were pretty slim.

But then I listened to a few samples of their songs. I have to say, Me Like Bees is amazing. At least, they’re amazing for me. It’s exactly my type of music: Kind of indie-pop-rock. It’s catchy and upbeat. I’d compare it to a few of my favorite bands, Frightened Rabbit, Typhoon, Generationals, and Deer Tick.

That was last week, and I’ve been listening to Me Like Bees almost non-stop ever since, especially in the car, but even while working, which I rarely do. I literally think I may have stumbled into one of my all-time favorite bands.

If you want to see if their music is for you, I’ll include a few favorites below. I’d also love to hear how you recently discovered a musician or band that you really enjoy.

4 thoughts on “How Did You Most Recently Discover an Awesome Musician?”

  1. JAMEY. Our musical tastes have a startling amount of overlap! Some Generationals and Deer Tick songs are among my favorites. Definitely checking out Me Like Bees now.

    I’ve always been skeptical of internet algorithms, but last year Spotify’s auto-generated “daily mix” turned me on to Cheekface, which has rapidly become my favorite band. Gotta admit I’m mildly obsessed with them, and happy to spread the word.


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