Would You Eat a Kelp Burger? (My Thoughts)

While listening to the How to Save a Planet podcast, we learned about a company called Akua that makes kelp-based food. As a vegetarian who likes to try weird foods, I ordered a few burgers and gave them a try at lunch today.

I pan-seared the burgers in avocado oil, melted meunster cheese on top, and dressed them with fresh avocado in a potato bun. I have to say, they were delicious veggie burgers. I wouldn’t say that I tasted the kelp at all, as it was just one of several key ingredients.

The one caveat I would mention is that I’m not exactly sure what the kelp added to the burger. It was a major ingredient, but I couldn’t taste it at all. And perhaps that’s a good thing. Kelp is easy to produce, much better for the environment than comparable foods, and healthy in moderation, so if it can become a key part of normal food, I’m all for it.

Unfortunately, I can no longer find the burgers on Akua’s website. Maybe they’ve stopped making them, or maybe they just don’t ship well in the summer. They do have kelp jerky and pasta to try, though. Have you–or would you–eat a kelp-based food?

1 thought on “Would You Eat a Kelp Burger? (My Thoughts)”

  1. I’d take a tentative nibble to see what they were like.

    I’m not a vegetarian; although, my wife is, and I’ve come to enjoy the convenience of not having a gross, meaty pan to clean up after cooking.

    I really like Beyond Meat burgers.


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