Would You Eat Soup with a Straw on a Road Trip?

On my recent long drive from St. Louis to Virginia, I had a bit of a sore throat, and I wanted soup for lunch. Unfortunately, soup is difficult (if not impossible) to eat while driving.

Fortunately, though, the Tesla requires longer stops for supercharging, and McCallister’s Deli was near one of those stops. We weren’t expecting a “deli” to have good vegetarian options, but as it turns out, they have a variety of vegetarian soups and a few sandwiches as well. The roasted veggie soup really hit the spot.

It got me thinking, though: Why don’t any fast-food places offer soup in a portable coffee cup with a wide straw (like a boba straw)? Wouldn’t that be the perfect car food? There’s no mess, it’s super easy to eat, and it would stay warm for a while. Also, it would be super fast to serve the soups, as the restaurant would have all soups pre-made in big vats.

The problem, I suppose, is that even a wide straw may not be wide enough for chunky soups. But you could design the size of the ingredients in the soup to fit the straw.

The other problem is maybe people just don’t like soup as much as they like burgers and chicken nuggets. I must admit that I rarely get super excited about soup (with the exception of specific soups). Also, I think of soup as more of a cold-weather food, and fast-food restaurants need to cater to people year-round.

So perhaps this idea has completely no merit. I’m curious what you think, though: Would you consider eating soup through a straw on a road trip?

2 thoughts on “Would You Eat Soup with a Straw on a Road Trip?”

  1. I’m a fan of soup in general so I’d consider it, but I think I’d rather take an extra 10 minutes and use a spoon.

    Two drawbacks occur to me: scalding the roof of your mouth or your throat by sucking up the hot soup through the straw, and having a piece lodge in the straw and then suddenly come through causing you to choke on it!


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