Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow: Screen Rant Pitch Meetings

There’s a specific range of comedy that appeals to me when it comes to poking fun at movies. For example, Cinema Sins is just too nitpicky for me to enjoy, but Cinema Wins makes me happy.

Right between the two is something a friend recently recommended: a comedy series of 6-minute “pitch meetings” on the Screen Rant YouTube channel. They involve some quick banter between the same actor playing the role of a screenwriter and a producer, with each video focusing on a different movie.

I find them absolutely hilarious, especially due to the overeager attitude of both characters. If you watch a few of the videos, you’ll see some common threads between them, including the lines “super easy, barely an inconvenience” and “wow wow wow wow wow.”

I’ve found that I prefer watching these pitch meetings of movies I enjoy rather than delving into the sludge of movies I don’t like. The thinly-veiled criticisms in the pitch meetings don’t come close to deterring my love of these movies, nor are they overly nitpicky. There’s an aura of nostalgia to them: “Oh yeah, I remember that thing that didn’t make much sense.”

I’ll post a few recent favorites below (I typically watch them at 1.5x speed). If you’re a fan of these videos, let me know some of your top picks!

2 thoughts on “Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow: Screen Rant Pitch Meetings”

  1. I’ll go you one higher on a Cinema Sins. They are at best pedantic, and sometimes flat out don’t seem to understand when a trope is being used to make a particular point.

    My English teacher brain can’t deal with them at all.


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