Have You Watched Girls5Eva? (My Thoughts)

I must admit that I’m generally not drawn to musical comedy. Whenever I’m watching a stand-up comedian and they pull out an instrument, I try to enjoy it, but it’s just not my style of humor.

So when I saw the promo on Peacock for “Girls5Eva,” I was conflicted. Anything produced by Tina Fey is of interest to me, but the musical comedy portion made me hesitate.

Well, now that I’ve watched the first season, I wish I had jumped in right away. I absolutely love the show–especially the humor–and I’m already looking forward to season 2.

The premise of Girls5Eva is that the members of a popular pop group get together years after their incredibly successful debut album to try to recapture the magic. While that premise is important, it’s really the random humor that I enjoyed (including, yes, some musical comedy). It feels very much like 30 Rock meets Kimmy Schmidt, probably because there’s a lot of overlap between the writers and producers.

So that’s my pitch to you: If you have Peacock and you enjoyed 30 Rock and/or Kimmy Schmidt, I highly recommend Girls5Eva. If you’ve seen it, would you agree?

3 thoughts on “Have You Watched Girls5Eva? (My Thoughts)”

  1. When it comes to musical comedy, I’m a fan of stand up comic Bo Burnham — you can see most of his songs on YouTube, and I guess I just heard he’s got a new special out on Netflix?

    Anyway, I think he’s really funny, and smart

    • I haven’t seen his special, but he’s one of the comedians whose musical comedy I just can’t seem to get into. 🙂


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