What’s the Best Cereal to Use in Rice Krispy Treats (Other Than the Obvious)?

Did you know that rice krispy treats can be made with cereals other than Rice Krispies?

Mind blown, I know. I had no idea until I recently started picking up some weekly sweets from Whisk Bakery at the farmer’s market. I’ve had several varieties at this point–every time I visit, they seem to have a different cereal packed together with marshmallows and butter:

  • Lucky Charms and Fruity Pebbles
  • Golden Grahams and Count Chocula
  • Cinnamon Buns and Golden Grahams

Granted, there’s nothing wrong with the simple deliciousness of Rice Krispies, especially–as I also recently learned–if you use brown butter. But these other cereal options really open the door for some tasty desserts.

I want to make one of these this weekend, and I’m wide open to input. What do you think? Name a few cereals you think would work well in a rice krispy treat.

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