Have You Watched “Feel Good”? (My Thoughts)

We recently finished watching the second (and last available) season of Feel Good on Netflix. For a half-hour semi-comedy show, it definitely stands out as unique, so I thought I’d share a few thoughts (and ultimately recommend it).

I’ll start with a hyperbole: Feel Good is perhaps the most insightful show about addiction, intimacy, and PTSD that I’ve ever seen. Those are difficult, triggering subjects, and the show introduces them in small doses so you know to stop if it’s ever too much for you.

Despite the serious subject matter, Feel Good is also very funny at times. Mae Martin is a comedian (in real life and on the show), and she strikes an excellent balance between pure humor, levity during serious scenes, and also sometimes just letting serious scenes be serious without breaking for comedy. It’s an impressive feat.

I can’t say that the show is always entertaining, but that’s okay. Especially given the small doses–an hour-long version of Feel Good would have been too much (in my opinion). Also, I really enjoy Phil, and I’m glad he had a slightly larger role in the second season (but I want even more Phil).

Have you seen Feel Good? Does this intrigue you, or is it too much from what you want out of a 30-minute show? If so, go check out Ted Lasso–the second season just began! We’re also enjoying the second season of Never Have I Ever.

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  1. We really enjoyed it! I agree about the balance and it’s been a great way for me to learn about topics that can be hard to just read about. I thought the way this season unfolded was particularly fascinating with her coming to terms with what her past actually was, you don’t see that storyline often.


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