Have You Watched Loki?

Man, do I love Loki!

I didn’t know what to expect when I heard Disney+ announce a Loki show, but I was excited about it anyway. Now that I’m 4 episodes in, I’m loving the direction they took with it, and I highly recommend the show.

I can’t share my favorite things about Loki without spoiling certain concepts from the first few episodes, so please stop reading if you haven’t watched the first 4 episodes.


First and foremost, I love time travel fiction, so it was a fun surprise to see that Loki ends up consulting for an organization devoted to maintaining a single timeline. At this point, I worried a little bit that the show would become predictably episodic, with each episode featuring a jump to a specific time and place in history with temporary characters we care about for a few minutes and never see again. But that isn’t at all what happens.

Second, I love that there’s a deep examination (mostly in the first episode) about what it means for Loki to be the god of mischief and if he’s actually living up to that moniker. In a way, it challenges Marvel’s approach to Loki so far–he has many moments of mischief, but all of his grand plans involve power grabs instead of playfully toying with people.

Third, I love the alternate version(s) of Loki, both because of their different approaches to mischief and the entire idea of multiverses. I enjoy glimpses into other worlds, and it’s fun to think that some of the characters in those alternate universes may become featured characters in our universe. It increases the stakes–while I hope they don’t, Marvel Studios could now kill Tom Hiddleston’s Loki at any time because there are other Lokis who could take his place.

I’m leaving out a bunch of stuff (and I’m very intrigued by what the final 2 episodes will show), but these are a few of my highlights. What are your favorite aspects of Loki so far, and what do you think the future holds?

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