What Did You Think About “Black Widow”? (My Thoughts)

Can you believe that the last Marvel movie released just over 2 years ago? That’s right–Spider Man: Far From Home released earlier in July in 2019. Fortunately, Disney+ came to the rescue with some cinema-quality Marvel shows over last year, and now we have the long-awaited Black Widow.

Unless indicated otherwise, nothing I’ll say here will even vaguely hint at the plot or any spoilers. I avoid trailers for Marvel movies so I don’t even have a rough semblance of spoilers.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie, and I think it fits well with the techno-spy genre of Marvel movies like the Winter Soldier. It does a good job of balancing action and humor. While Florence Pugh has gotten most of the publicity for the levity she adds to the film (and deservedly so–she’s great), I also thought Rachel Weisz and David Harbour had some great lines. Well done to producer and actress Scarlett Johansson for helping to bring such a great cast together.

We paid the $30 to watch on Disney+, and I was surprised to see Disney release their premier access sales figures for the weekend. They earned $60 million from premier access for Black Widow to pair with $80 million from the box office. To me that seems like a strong indicator that quite a few people (me included) aren’t quite ready to return to the theaters despite our love for movies, and we’re willing to pay for alternative options.

Have you returned to a movie theater yet? What did you think of Black Widow?

3 thoughts on “What Did You Think About “Black Widow”? (My Thoughts)”

  1. We probably have a slightly different relationship with Marvel than the average fan.

    Two years ago I was ranting about how “Every blasted movie is a comic book movie! Has the world gone insane?!” because I’d seen and been bored by The Avengers and Hulk and washed my hands of it.

    Eventually we deiced that we needed to at least give the massive franchise another shot so, during one school holidays/vacation period, we marathonned the lot of them. After all, I had quite enjoyed (here I have to explain that in Commonwealth English “quite” acts as a downward modifier — so this means “I enjoyed it, but let’s not get too carried away with praise. Better than OK, but not amazing”. It was nearly two decades into my relationship with my American wife that we discovered this difference!) a couple of the Iron Man films.

    There were still a number of them that we desperately hated, and a few that were just… meh…… but ones that didn’t take them too seriously and, critically, were funny, really worked for us. I really enjoyed the Ant Man ones, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor Ragnarok. The other Avengers films were pretty good as well (better than the first one).

    I don’t recall loving Winter Soldier, but if you say that this one has some humour that may bode well. Perhaps we will watch it tonight if I can do the Disney+ thing from Australia.

    I haven’t returned to the theatre, even with basically no cases in my state for ages — My goal is to be ridiculously, over-the-top safe unless it’s something that really, REALLY makes a difference to me for the foreseeable future.

  2. I’m in Australia, so movie going is fine. But my wife hurt her back on Friday, and wasn’t up to a movie trip on Saturday, as we planned. She told me to take the kids, but I didn’t want to leave her. So we bought the access, and had a movie session in the lounge room.

    Enjoyed it. The girl cast to play young Nat looked just like her. Florence does steal the show.


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