Have You Watched “For All Mankind”? (My Thoughts)

We recently finished watching season 1 of Apple TV’s alternate history space-age show “For All Mankind,” and I absolutely loved it.

The show asks the question, “What if both the US and the Soviet Union continued to revisit the moon after 1972?”

That’s right–in our reality, nearly 50 years have passed since the most recent crewed moon landing even though it’s only a 3-day trip away. There are a variety of reasons why we haven’t returned, and the show addresses them (with one small but important sci-fi twist).

While the show centers around the space race and some interesting scenarios it presents, it also delves into important issues of the 1970s (all of which still continue to this day in some form): women’s rights, homophobia, xenophobia, and immigration.

I don’t know anything about the second season, but we’ll be watching it next. The show has already dabbled in showing the impacts on earthbound technology and science thanks to extraterrestrial studies (I mean that word literally, not in terms of aliens), and I look forward to seeing more of that as the show moves forward in time.

Overall, I highly recommend For All Mankind. It starts a little slow, but it really starts to pick up around episode 4 or 5, and I was genuinely surprised about how strongly I felt about many of the characters by the end.

If you’ve seen the show, what did you think? Are there any other alternate history shows (or books/movies) that you enjoyed?

2 thoughts on “Have You Watched “For All Mankind”? (My Thoughts)”

  1. If you enjoyed For All Mankind, I strongly recommend Mary Robinette Kowal’s Lady Astronaut series, starting with The Calculating Stars. They’re also an alternate history of the space program, but with a different point-of-divergence.


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