Have You Watched “The Paper Tigers”? (My Thoughts)

This weekend I was searching for a well-rated movie on our various streaming services, and I stumbled upon a fairly recent movie that flew under my radar: The Paper Tigers. It’s about 3 men who bonded at a young age thanks to sharing the same kung fu master and regroup years later to investigate a murder.

I really enjoyed the film. It has plenty of heart for an action movie, the actors and characters are great, and there’s just the right amount of mysticism (a very small amount).

My favorite aspect of the movie, though, were the fight scenes. I say that as someone who doesn’t seek out movies specifically for duels, yet a memorable duel can make the movie for me. The Paper Tigers has 3 such duels, plus an awesome montage at the beginning from when the characters were at their peak. These duels work so well due to a combination of skills and direction–fast cuts are sparingly used, so the action is perfectly clear.

Watching The Paper Tigers made me even more excited for Marvel’s Shang-Chi. Have you watched The Paper Tigers? What did you think? Do you have a favorite kung-fu or dueling movie?

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