My First Disc Golf Ace!

For a little over a year, I’ve been playing disc golf on a regular basis. It’s been a great reason to get out of the house into nature, stretch my legs and core, and challenge myself with an accessible sport that’s difficult to master, and spend time with friends.

While the goal of playing disc golf isn’t to get an ace, it’s one of those achievements that seems in reach when you reach a level of decency, though with a heavy dose of luck required (the reliance on luck decreases the more skilled you are. I’m improving, but I wouldn’t say I’m “skilled”). But I have really looked forward to the possibility of getting an ace. I came really close a few months ago, tapping the outer rim of the basket from 200 feet, but it wasn’t quite high enough.

Yesterday morning, Megan and I played a quick round at Watson Trails, a heavily wooded 9-basket course that I’ve played many times. I started with three straight bogeys, then I had two great drives and underwhelming double putts for par.

Then I lined up at the sixth basket, a 226-footer with two viable options: a forehand throw bending hard right after the treeline or a backhand throw past a cluster of trees and bending left. I’ve been working on the backhand there with an Innova Destroyer disc with pretty good results, including some birdies and easy pars, but they’ve always ended left of the basket, so today I decided to push it a little further to the right.

Rather, I should say that I “tried” to push it a little further to the right, because my accuracy is highly variable. In this case, though, the disc left my hand going exactly where I wanted it to go. It curved right, missed a few trees, then started curving left at just the right moment…and then I waited for it to hit the ground like 100% of my drives have done.

But it didn’t. Instead, it dove hard into the basket. I don’t even recall the sound of the chains, just the thunk of the disc hitting solid, stable metal.

Megan and I looked at each other in disbelief before cheering wildly, celebrating, and taking some videos and photos. It felt amazing–it still does!

The other day I asked one of my disc golf buddies if they’d rather have a throw with a good result that did exactly what they wanted or a throw with a great result that didn’t do what they wanted it to do. I can now say that I’m really glad my first ace was the best of both worlds: It did what I wanted and the result was perfect.

What’s something you tried over and over and finally achieved?

8 thoughts on “My First Disc Golf Ace!”

  1. That must be an incredible feeling! After 30 years of golf, i have yet to experience that feeling. Maybe it’s time i take up disc golf and expand my chances…

  2. I just had my first Ace the other day as well. I have also been playing regularly for a little over a year.

    I think the biggest thing it has done for me is prove that it IS POSSIBLE to get it in the basket from distance. Since that day, I find myself aiming for the basket on these short par 3’s and approaches rather than aiming for circle 1. The slight shift in mindset is making a difference in my game.

    So congrats! Hopefully many more to come.

    • Congratulations! That’s great. I like that mindset. I would say that when I’m in range, I’m always going for the basket. It’s more fun for me to give myself a chance at something special than just getting close. 🙂


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