Do You Prefer Culinary Variety or Focus (within each meal)?

I think a lot about food. One might say too much, but I really enjoy eating, thinking about, and discussing food. When I travel, the culinary exploration is part of the journey for me. I also love TV shows about food, like Top Chef and The Great British Baking Show (which I just learned is returning to Netflix later in September).

Lunch is my biggest meal of the day (dinner is a salad, nuts/seeds, fruit, and maybe a side of bread). I’ve known for a while that I don’t like eating the same food for lunch two days in a row. But I’ve recently learned something else: I love variety within each meal.

Here’s an example: We have a lot of leftovers in our fridge right now. Today at lunch I could have eaten one of the following options: a few pieces of pizza, a veggie bao, some cheesy pasta, or some egg-fried rice.

However, I chose to eat a little bit if each of those dishes instead. And it was awesome! Which is so weird to me, because I don’t like buffets at restaurants, yet I essentially ate from a buffet in my fridge. I just really enjoy the variety of small portions of multiple dishes, at least when I’m dining at home.

What’s your preference when you have multiple options for a meal? Do you prefer to focus on one dish today and another tomorrow, or go for a mix of different options each day?

2 thoughts on “Do You Prefer Culinary Variety or Focus (within each meal)?”

  1. I usually prefer focus, but then a -really- good buffet, such as the one at Crown Perth (a couple of hours north of here) is always fun. So I guess it depends on the situation for me.

    Not sure I will be doing buffets anytime soon — the pandemic might have spooked me out of that for a while.

  2. This is an interesting question which I don’t think I’ve thought about. I like these types of questions which make me «get to know myself» lol.
    My initial thought is that I think I prefer a varied meal. Maybe that’s why some of my favorite dishes are soups, stews and chilis etc, since they provide a bunch of stuff together in one single meal (pizza does this too…)
    I also love tapas, and a nice festive table spread with lots of options. And I also really enjoy buffets.
    And as a person, I most of the time lean towards variety rather than «depth» so maybe that is also a big part of it. And the paradox is I don’t like too many options in a given situation. 🥴


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