Have You Ever Made Vacation Friends? (plus my thoughts on the movie)

For reasons I’m now debating, I don’t think I’ve ever made new friends while on vacation. The closest we came were a couple in New Zealand who we ran into 3 times within 24 hours after being in the same glacier tour as them, but we didn’t hang out with them.

I think my reasoning–as flawed as it is–is that I’m traveling with the person I want to hang out with. I already know them and I want to get to know them better during the vacation adventure, not spend time learning about someone I’ll never see again.

I don’t see that changing when I’m traveling with a lot of people. But if I’m vacationing as a couple, is it possible that the adventure could be enhanced for everyone if we made vacation friends? We already have a core interest in common: We traveled to the same place. Even if we just end up hanging out for a drink or a meal, we have something to start with that’s much deeper than small talk.

Why am I thinking about this? Last weekend we watched a fun, light movie on Hulu called Vacation Friends. There are a few funny moments, and overall it’s a perfectly fine way to spend a few hours if you want to turn off your brain. It’s definitely an extreme example of what a vacation friend can be, though having John Cena as a holiday buddy would probably be quite memorable.

Have you ever made a vacation friend? Are you glad you did so? In what circumstances would you do it again?

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  1. Shari and I are super private when it comes to travel. We enjoy our own company.

    But one time when boarding a Mexican Riviera Cruise aboard Carnival Spirit we struck up a lively and pleasant conversation with a really nice couple. We never did ask their names (shows how terrible we are at the social stuff) and we never did get together again on the cruise; however, we were seated opposite each other against the railing of a ring-shaped upper section of the main dining room for dinner every night.

    Each night we would wave crazily and call the occasional comment about the food or what we were having across the 30 feet of open air between us (it was Carnival, I wouldn’t have done that on Cunard!).

    To this day we still refer to them by names that we invented for them during the cruise (since we never found a time to ask them in proper conversation) – Kevin and Garrett.

    Yes – I’ve just described the closest friends we’ve ever made on vacation! Sad, I know.

    Most of the other people we met on board were the people at the various trivia events (board game libraries were desperately sad back then, and we hadn’t discovered the hobby in those days).


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