Have You Watched “Nine Perfect Strangers” (plus a strange question)

Over the last few weeks we’ve gotten wrapped up in the mystery and characters of Nine Perfect Strangers, a Hulu show. In the show, 9 people visit a wellness resort and spa, each hoping to resolve a personal trauma. The resort is run by Nicole Kidman’s character and her staff, including Manny Jacinto, who played Jason Mendoza in The Good Place.

Before I delve into some minor spoilers, I’ll say that I’ve really enjoyed the show. It’s highly character-driven–not just the guests at the spa, but also the staff. They deal with some deep, difficult issues, but I think they do so in a way that is respectful to people who have suffered from similar forms of trauma.

***minor spoilers below***

As you learn a few episodes into the show, the spa uses a specific method of helping guests deal with their trauma: fresh fruit smoothies with microdoses of psychedelic drugs.

I have absolutely no experience or understanding of such drugs, as they’ve always been engrained in my mind as “super dangerous and addictive and not worth the risk.” I hadn’t thought of them as potentially therapeutic, and while something may not be for me, I certainly don’t want to judge anyone for finding a solution that works for them and doesn’t hurt those around them.

Also, the show raised a really interesting question for me, something I hadn’t ever considered. When the guests arrive at the spa, they have some bloodwork and they give the spa free rein to treat their trauma in a variety of ways. A few days in, they all have an amazing, breakthrough day, after which they learn about the microdosing.

So here’s my question: If you were in a similar situation, what would you do after learning about the microdosing? Specifically, even if you wouldn’t have approved it if you were explicitly asked, now that you’ve already had a positive experience in a safe setting, would you do it again before your time at the spa ends? Or would that be the one and only time?


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  1. I think the show presented your question in a way that made it (mostly) believable for all the characters to answer “yes.” Maybe because they all had not much else to lose. For my own life, I think I’d have to say “absolutely no.” Even if I had a positive experience from the non-consensual drugging, relinquishing control to someone who would think that’s appropriate is not for me.


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