Have You Watched “The White Lotus”? (My Thoughts)

We’re currently watching the 6-episode first season of The White Lotus on HBO, and I must admit that I’m thoroughly entertained by it. It’s basically a scripted drama/comedy about a several different people at a very fancy resort in Hawaii.

The show caught my attention when I saw an article a few weeks ago asking why we (some of us, at least) are drawn to shows and movies about very rich people living their very rich lives in a fairly despicable way. There are many examples of this, and the article mentioned Succession and The White Lotus, both on HBO.

So as I started watching the show and finding myself both transported to the beautiful resort in Hawaii and quite amused by the foibles of the characters, I asked myself what specifically was so entertaining about the wealth of the characters. Why did it matter? And would it be more entertaining if they were nice rich people?

Here’s my conclusion: Watching a show like The White Lotus allows me to imagine myself in the shoes of these people–at a gorgeous resort or a luxurious estate–but with the fantasy attached that if I had that kind of wealth, I would be nicer than the people on the show. The show lets me hypothetically feel good about myself as a result: “If I were lucky enough to afford a suite at The White Lotus, I would be kind guest, not a spoiled one,” I tell myself.

At least, that’s where I landed on the appeal of such shows. What do you think? Do you enjoy these types of shows, or is the behavior of the characters too offputting for you to handle?

1 thought on “Have You Watched “The White Lotus”? (My Thoughts)”

  1. I would be mad if I booked a specific room and didn’t get it, but I wouldn’t be as obnoxious as that character is though unless my new wife was extremely frustrated as well. Good show though, I enjoy the actor who plays the manager the best.


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