Have You Watched Season 2 of Ted Lasso? (My Thoughts)

I too often write about when I first discover a great show and not nearly enough when I continue to enjoy subsequent seasons of that show. Ted Lasso on Apple TV is one such show.

As I mentioned here, the first season of Ted Lasso is filled with heart, humor, and football/soccer. The second season continues to expand the depth of each character, with the overall theme seeming to be fatherhood. With my dad going through chemo over the last few months, this theme made for some particularly tear-filled lunchtime viewing.

Speaking of lunchtime viewing, it seems that Apple decided to let the Ted Lasso writers have complete flexibility in terms of episode length. There are a few shorter episodes (25-30 minutes), but several episodes go much longer, even pushing an hour. There’s only one episode that felt too long, in my opinion (the very different episode about Coach Beard).

I loved seeing the team evolve, friendships deepen, and new loves emerge. There’s still plenty of humor paired with great commentary about mental health and sports. There’s even a really interesting “villain” who emerges over the course of the season–really interesting character development.

What did you think about season 2 of Ted Lasso?

3 thoughts on “Have You Watched Season 2 of Ted Lasso? (My Thoughts)”

  1. Another one we love. So many great characters. Loving Nates arc over these 2 seasons, and as season 3 is meant to be the last, I can’t wait to see how it resolves.

    My son tells me that Apple wanted to up the episode count this season to match season 1, so they added the Christmas ep and the Coach Beard ep. I think I’ll probably give it a miss on rewatches.

  2. We loved it.

    The premise seemed lame to me, but I am surprised at the depth that the show has.

    I’ve always been a keen follower of the EPL (Chelsea supporter), and I’ve always loved football management games on the PC, so I’m pleased to see some of the minutiae of the subject (like transfers, potential want-away players, underachiever) and that the show isn’t afraid to use terminology that the layman might not understand like “false 9”.

    The Beard episode wasn’t my favourite, but the wife liked it — and it did offer a different perspective and reaction to the poor result.

    Obviously Roy Kemp is the best character.


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