Have You Watched These Carey Mulligan Movies?

After hearing rave reviews of the 2021 movie “The Dig” and the 2020 film “Promising Young Woman”–and then realizing they both starred actress Carey Mulligan–Megan and I decided to watch both films this weekend.

I’ll get to my thoughts about the movies in a second, but I wanted to say up front that my respect and appreciation for Mulligan’s talents (which was already quite high) have significantly increased after this weekend. Her characters in the two films could not have been more different, yet both were completely believable and captivating.

In fact, this makes me want to pick more movie combos based on the actors in those films.

As for the movies themselves, The Dig is a period piece about an archaeological dig in the English countryside. It’s a simple, quaint film filled with gorgeous cinematography. There isn’t a lot that happens in The Dig, but that’s okay–it’s just really pleasant to watch. Carey Mulligan plays the lady of a manor where the dig takes place.

Promising Young Woman is a modern film about men who prey on women…and a woman who decides that enough is enough. Carey Mulligan plays that woman, and she is incredible in this role. I think this is a must-watch film for men, especially those of us who consider ourselves the “good guys.” The movie made me realize I really should never again think of myself as a “good guy,” because it becomes all too easy to use that as an excuse, a shield, or even a weapon. (To be clear, I will still continue to try to be a good person; it’s the mentality of “I’m a good guy” that isn’t healthy.) This movie will stick with me for a long time, and I highly recommend it.

Have you watched either of these movies? What did you think? And would you recommend any movie pairings staring the same actor (in which they excel at two very different roles)?

2 thoughts on “Have You Watched These Carey Mulligan Movies?”

  1. I thought PYW was startlingly good! Stuck with me for a long time. I agree it’s a must watch for men. Super interesting wardrobe and set design choices too. Will check out The Dig!


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