Have You Watched “The Vault” or “Army of Thieves”? (My Thoughts)

Heist movies are one of my favorite films, and I think both The Vault and Army of Thieves are solid additions to the genre. Both are on Netflix, and I won’t mention any spoilers below.

The Vault is a fairly standard heist movie, but with an interested twist: The thieves literally don’t know what they’re breaking into, and a significant portion of the movie is spent discovering how the vault works before they can break into the vault. I don’t think I’ve seen that in a heist movie.

Army of Thieves is a prequel to another recent film, Army of the Dead, which was an zombie-heist movie. Among the memorable characters in that movie was a safecracker, and I was delighted to hear that the sequel focuses on him (and a compelling crew not featured in “Dead”).

It’s a slick, fun movie, largely due to the main character (who is delighted to be doing the types of things one would do in a heist movie). I like the self-awareness, even though it still falls into a few classic tropes. It also adds some historical context to the heist, which I liked.

I’d recommend both to fellow heist fans, but if you need to start with one, I’d recommend Army of Thieves.

Have you watched either of these, or any other great heist movies recently?

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