A Solution for Extracting Tissues from Boxes

Have you ever felt an incoming sneeze and reached for a tissue, only to have the tissue get stuck in the box as you tried to extract it?

We use sustainably sourced bamboo paper tissues from Who Gives a Crap, and they come in tidy square boxes. They look great, but a hearty series of tugs is required to get a tissue out of the box.

So for a while now I’ve been removing the tissues from the box and placing them in a rectangular tissue box. However, this weekend I used my last tissue, and without thinking, I recycled the box.

My mistake accidentally revealed an even better solution, a near foolproof way of ensuring I can grab a tissue quickly every time I need one: No box.

That’s right. I just have a pile of tissues on my desk. And you know what? It’s amazing. It works like a charm, and it actually looks fine. Plus, I work from home–function is more important than form.

Have you ever tried removing the tissue box? Or perhaps you’ve found a better solution for this age-old problem?

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