Are You Watching the Wheel of Time TV Series? (My Thoughts)

So far I’ve watched 3 episodes of Amazon’s “The Wheel of Time” series, and I’m really enjoying it.

I’ve read most of the books, and while it’s been neat to see how the people, places, and events of the books are depicted on screen, I’m in it for solid fantasy entertainment (not a faithful book adaptation). I’m saying that just to share my position; I completely understand that there are huge fans of the novels who probably care much more than I do about how the details in the book are reflected in the series.

Much of the first 3 episodes are spent doing two things: Establishing what makes this world unique and launching the main characters into their journey. It does both quite well, all the while showcasing the large budget Amazon was willing to spend on the show. The special effects are a bit shaky at times, but nothing that breaks the immersion for me.

I really like the diversity among the main characters. It’s super refreshing to see that after Lord of the Rings and even Game of Thrones. Lan and Nynaeve are particularly badass.

I also enjoy how the first season presents a mystery that I don’t recall from book 1: Who is the Dragon Reborn? I recall the books making this quite obvious from very early on (I can’t remember if that was intentional or not), but I think it’s better to leave it a mystery for a while.

My greatest hope is that the 14-book series thrives for a number of seasons…but not 14. I was thinking 6 or 7; Slashfilm confirms that the showrunners are planning an 8-season run, which would be perfectly fine. I’m sure diehard fans would love 14 seasons, but in my opinion many of the books felt stretched thin, and I think the series can still feel epic without spanning that much time. After all, 14 seasons wouldn’t end until 2035!

What do you think of the show so far?

2 thoughts on “Are You Watching the Wheel of Time TV Series? (My Thoughts)”

  1. I’m ‘current’ on the show, now, Jamey; just finished Episode #7, yesterday.

    —Best/strongest/most favorite episode, so far (IMHO): Episode #4 – The Dragon Reborn
    —Worst/weakest/least favorite episode, so far (IMHO): Episode #7 – The Dark Along the Ways

    In tandem to watching the show, I’m also still slowly making my way through the audiobooks, as well—it’s really quite an “investment” in time and attention, that’s for sure. The 1st 3rd of the audiobook, of the 1st book alone, runs almost (12) x hours long. And, with the audiobooks, it’s not like one can necessarily be a ‘passive’ listener; you have to be committed to it, attentive and concentrating on the details, or else you most certainly miss things.

    The way Robert Jordan describes things with words is just simply breathtaking and amazing.

    For lovers of the books, who want/demand a pure/faithful adaption, I’ve read that Episode #4, (without spoiling anything) deviates/strays from canon pretty substantially, in some major/significant ways. For those people, Episode #4 could very well be their least favorite episode.

    Sounds like we are similar in our seeking out the entertainment value here, and not necessarily seeking a 100% pure/faithful book adaption.

    Are you ‘current’/caught up on the show now, Jamey?

    Favorite episode, so far?

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Howie! We haven’t watched the most recent episode yet, and I’m not sure I’ve had a favorite yet. It’s just neat to see the world brought to life on screen!


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