Have You Noticed that Some Foods Taste Different Now?

For the last few years, one of our favorite dinnertime nibbles has been cheese curds. There’s something about the squeakiness of white cheddar that really hits the spot. We go through a bag almost every week.

Then, a few weeks ago, we both popped a curd…and something was off. Brand new bag, and the cheese looked fine. It just tasted different. Not bad different, but also definitely not good different.

We ate the bag, and in the hopes it was a fluke, I bought another. Same thing. Definitely a distinctly different taste than the same exact brand and flavor we’ve been eating for 2 years.

Megan, who works for a company that makes ingredients, quickly identified the problem: With various supply chain and manufacturing issues over the last year, many companies have been forced to change suppliers and even the recipes for their products.

I included my favorite salsa in the photo because the same thing happened to it. It’s fine, but it’s not the same.

I know it’s such a first-world problem to have the recipe of my favorite cheese curd or salsa change due to supply chain issues, but I have to say that it makes me a little sad. Surely you know what it’s like to find a favorite version of a food you enjoy, only to have it discontinued or altered in some way. I don’t have other cheese curd options, but now I need to taste a bunch of salsas to recapture the magic.

Have you experienced this with any foods during the pandemic (or before)? What recipe alteration do you bemoan? Or maybe there’s even one you enjoy more than the original?

3 thoughts on “Have You Noticed that Some Foods Taste Different Now?”

  1. Have you tried Frontera salsas?

    We used to get these all the time when I lived in the USA.

    They are the best jarred salsas I have ever tasted.

    Now that we’re back home in Australia I get them shipped over in lots of 18-20 jars at a time because you can’t get anything like it here. Expensive, but worth it.

    My favourite is the Roasted Habanero, and the wife likes the Jalapeno Cilantro. The Double Roasted is good too.

    In terms of foods changing. In Australia we have a range of flavoured crackers called “Shapes” – The BBQ-flavoured one is a national institution. A few years ago Arnott’s decided to “improve” the flavour. There was such an uproar that they had to re-release the original flavour as “Original BBQ” while keeping the new one in addition.


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