What Did You Think About Spider-Man: No Way Home? (My Non-Spoiler Thoughts)

Today I watched my first movie in a theater in nearly 2 years.

That’s right: COVID has made me incredibly hesitant to go to the theater. As much as I love movies, I love my health even more, and I’ve simply learned to wait patiently until I can buy the movies for digital streaming.

However, something was different about Spider-Man: No Way Home. Honestly, I think it was a bit of a unique situation, because I was just as eager for Shang-Chi. The difference, however, is how much Spider-Man has filled my newsfeeds over the last few days. It felt like a massive nerd event was happening and I was missing out; plus, my spoiler-radar was on high alert.

So we double-masked and hesitantly made our way to the theater. We weren’t the only ones–there were a lot of people in that theater, probably just as many as were on the plane when we flew for the only time during the pandemic back in September. We bought popcorn but didn’t touch it until we got home, as I didn’t want to risk breathing even a little bit of the air. Few others were that cautious–most of the people in the theater took off their masks for food and drink.

While double-masking for 2.5 hours isn’t delightful, it helped that I really enjoyed the movie from start to finish. It’s a special film for a variety of reasons that I wouldn’t dare to spoil. I would highly recommend not watching any trailers for it–I watched the trailer for the first time after the movie, and it spoils so much!

There are some moments in the film I’d love to discuss, so let’s make the comments a spoiler-friendly zone. What did you think about Spider-Man: No Way Home?

5 thoughts on “What Did You Think About Spider-Man: No Way Home? (My Non-Spoiler Thoughts)”

  1. We were able to rent out a theater with another family in our “bubble” for an 11:45am Saturday showing. 10 of us total and it didn’t cost that much more than a shared theater tickets! (In Milwaukee area, WI). So glad we went! I’m worried about spoilers, so it’s hard to comment 😂 But, wow, it was worth seeing in the theater. We haven’t been since before Covid, and the whole theater experience was a treat.

  2. Visiting in Canada. Everywhere requires masks. Any sit in location requires vaccination. The theater was every other row. VIP theater with food service pre movie and big seats that kept things spread out.

    Entirely different then how we in the States are dealing with the ongoing pandemic.

    Great movie. Each main character storyline well done.

  3. I went on Thursday (the earliest I could) to avoid the weekend crowds and am glad I did to avoid spoilers. I did watch a fair few of the trailers and had heard a fair few rumours, but despite that there were plenty of things (as well as circumstances) that I was blissfully unaware of. I’m not sure if it’s my favourite Marvel film (Endgame is a tough competitor) or my favourite Spider Man film (Enter Spiderverse is so damn good), but it’s up there!

  4. It’s been awhile since we’ve been to the theaters.

    ‘Paw Patrol’, a few months ago (3, 5, and 9 y/o kiddos)—because, that’s how our family “rolls” right now…lol

    My (2) x boys have been relentlessly asking to go see this one, so we’ll likely go see it in the next few days—perhaps, a Christmas Day movie outing. 🙂

    They’ve watched the trailer a number of times, I’m sure, as it’s hard to miss amidst their TV/YouTube video consumption time (we try to limit it…we try…lol). I can’t say that I’ve ‘truly’ seen it yet, as I haven’t been the most attentive, courtesy of usually juggling a number of other work/household tasks.

    As I write this comment, I’m desperately trying to shield myself from spoilers as a number of my friends had seen it and it is the hot topic of the day.

    P.s. Watched Shang-Chi with my (9) year old. I/we thought it was great!


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