Encanto and a Few Favorite Musicians from 2021

This weekend we loaded up Disney+ to watch the new animated movie, Encanto. It’s a charming, entertaining movie, and it’s really stuck with me over the last few days because of one key reason: The music.

The music in Encanto is incredibly fun and catchy. My cats and girlfriend have frequently been subjected to me attempting to sing “Waiting on a Miracle,” “Two Oruguitas,” “Surface Pressure,” and “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” I feel bad for them, but I can’t not sing these addictive songs.

Looking back at 2021, I didn’t view it as a big year for music–I mostly just listen to podcasts while working out and driving–yet this was the year of Olivia Rodrigo, Me Like Bees, and the excellent Amazon version of Cinderella, as well as the aforementioned Encanto. I haven’t even seen In the Heights yet, but I’m sure there are some great songs in it too.

In my old age, am I starting to enjoy musicals? That seems to be the trend here.

What are some of your favorite songs or musicians that you discovered for the first time in 2021? And what did you think of Encanto?

9 thoughts on “Encanto and a Few Favorite Musicians from 2021”

  1. I’m biased since I’m Colombian but I also loved Encanto and one of the reasons is the music. I don’t remember a movie where each songs feels so different, because of the instruments they use or the genre. And I love the humor, seeing the donkeys in Surface Pressure always brings a smile! It’s so nice to see a move depicting rural Colombia in a such a magical way! I also feel that I enjoy musicals now more than when I was younger! Fortunately is a move genre that’s still alive!

    • I completely agree, Carlos, and I’m so glad the rural Colombia was shared with the world through this beautiful movie.

  2. We liked Encanto as well — although we had trouble understanding the lyrics of some of the early songs. They sounded a bit muddy to us.

    “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” was the best song for me. Lin Manuel Miranda is pretty talented. I love some of the songs from Moana.

    LOL at your singing. My wife is constantly chagrined by my tendency to “loop” whatever song is stuck in my head. What she doesn’t understand is that for every time I burst into song, the song is going around in my head 1000 times!

  3. Definitely watch In the Heights, but also listen to the original Broadway album as Disney took license in changing the general storyline which inevitably deleted a number of great songs, including “Enough!”

  4. We loved Encanto and also In the Heights. Both are excellent. I can’t recommend highly enough Come From Away which is in Apple TV I think. Great songs that I keep finding myself singing and I can’t sing!!!


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