Have You Met a Reindeer? (Alaska Part 1)

Two years ago, we were days away from taking a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska to see some friends before we realized that the coronavirus was spreading far too quickly to safely justify travel. Fortunately, with vaccinations, boosters, and masking guidelines, we felt safe enough to take a calculated risk and make the trip this year. … Read more

The Sweet-Salty-Sweet Vicious Cycle

I tend to get the munchies in the afternoon. On most days I address this with a little chocolate or a handful of chips. All good. But every now and then, I eat a little chocolate, and the sweetness makes me crave a saltiness. So I eat some chips too. But now I want to … Read more

Comfort Objects for Those in Mourning

When I was in Virginia recently for my father’s funeral prep (and the actual funeral), family, neighbors, and friends of my parents converged on the house with food. There were flowers too, but mostly food. My aunts believe that carbs and chocolate provide comfort for those in mourning. Since returning to St. Louis, it’s been … Read more