Have You Watched “Don’t Look Up” (My Thoughts)

I almost didn’t watch “Don’t Look Up.”

Why? As much as I like the cast and the director, I was worried that the movie would be the embodiment of everything that’s frustrating to me about politics and climate change.

As it turns out, my concerns were entirely true, but I’m still glad I watched the movie for reasons I’ll explain below.

The core idea of Don’t Look Up is that a massive comet is hurtling towards Earth and will end life as we know it within 6 months. In a darkly comedic fashion, the film proceeds to explore the response (and lack thereof) of the American media, the presidency, and a massive tech company.

The movie pulls off the impressive feat of being entertaining and funny while also being eerily accurate (in my opinion) about how such a situation would play out. I mean, we saw it happen during the early days of the pandemic, with the coronavirus playing the comet. And it’s happening with climate change too.

I know this is a tiny drop in a huge bucket, but the Super Bowl provided a small glimmer of hope: Did you notice that most of the car commercials were for electric cars? Now, for them to actually make a huge difference on carbon emissions, we need more sustainable energy sources to charge them, but for the first time it made me think that we might actually have a chance of progression. We’ll see.

What stuck with you the most about Don’t Look Up? I’ve tried to keep this post spoiler-free, but spoilers are welcome in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Have You Watched “Don’t Look Up” (My Thoughts)”

  1. I had the same concerns going into the movie. Despite being entertaining, it was very uncomfortable to watch and felt like it was closer to being non-fiction than fiction!

  2. It really felt like it captured the real frustration and fear from inability to cause change on something greater then the individual (like the meteor or climate change) while briefly catching you in a moment to hit you with a decently funny joke or comedic break (I love how Jennifer’s character can’t let go of why the general charged them)

  3. I’ve reviewed more films (5,800) to board games (~2,000). I didn’t like the trailer for this – yet City of God I saw at the cinema when I saw the trailer prior to Hannibal (City of God has been in my top 10 list every since and a treat to catch at the cinema in the only week it was showing. Not a great Best Picture year (I didn’t think 2021 was a decent board game year either… There has to be one). Travel is my final big hobby and we might drive to Essen again (returned with 96 board games last time) :p Elizabeth was there to sign Wingspan


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