The Sweet-Salty-Sweet Vicious Cycle

I tend to get the munchies in the afternoon.

On most days I address this with a little chocolate or a handful of chips. All good.

But every now and then, I eat a little chocolate, and the sweetness makes me crave a saltiness. So I eat some chips too. But now I want to balance the saltiness with some sweets. And then after the sweets I want something salty…

This is the sweet-salty-sweet vicious cycle. It can potentially continue without end–it’s like the time loop of snacking.

Do you ever get caught in the sweet-salty-sweet cycle?

7 thoughts on “The Sweet-Salty-Sweet Vicious Cycle”

  1. Totally! And for me at least, add sugary drinks to the mix 🙂
    That’s why for me the best way is to simply not start at all. I’ll indulge once in a while and accept the vicious circle, but then try to not do it for some time…

  2. Have you ever tried combining the two, perhaps in a chocolate covered sea salt caramel or a sweet and salty kettle corn? The lowbrow version of this might be french fries dipped in a Wendy’s Frosty, but who am I to judge what gets you through the day?

    • Those all sound delicious! I’ve dabbled a bit in the combination of the two (Trader Joe’s has some good chocolate-covered pretzels and chips), and you’re right that it seems to scratch both itches at the same time.

  3. Moderation 🙂 dark chocolate, one square is enough for me (healthy at 50g per day when 80% cocoa) – I thought this was an article about Patchwork Valentine’s edition 😀 (I searched the BoardVengers episode – I played Fantasy Realms in 2018 Iwon with a score of 350. Funnily other gamers win at my games and I win at there’s often (except their Wingspan) 😉


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