What’s Your Favorite Taskmaster Challenge?

I’m new to the Taskmaster show, and you might be too, so I’ll give you a quick overview from what I understand of it:

Taskmaster is a British show in which a few comedians are given weird tasks to complete. The show jumps between clips of the contestants individually attempting the tasks and the TV studio where all 5 contestants watch the clips and banter about them.

The tasks remind me of some of my favorite activities at summer camp and gifted events. The involve creative problem solving stemming from the lack of guidelines, and hilarity often ensues.

Hundreds of segments from the show are available on the Taskmaster YouTube channel. I watch them here and there, and I’ve only seen a few dozen. So while the following are some of my favorites, I’d love to hear about any that you’ve enjoyed (or enjoy in the future, if you check it out for the first time).

The first video shows contestants trying to figure out what a switch turns on and off. I like how they methodically (or un-methodically) survey the house to figure it out.

In the following challenge, each contestant is given a piece of bread, blindfolded, and led to a patch of grass. They then need to walk away blindfolded for a few minutes, then take away the blindfold and get back to the original spot (which only some of them thought to mark with the bread).

This is a fun one: Each contestant must order a vegetarian pizza with several types of meat and no cheese (yes, you read all of that correctly) without saying the word “pizza” or any of those words. It’s a really funny clip.

Last, contestants have a few minutes to spread a few items of clothes as far and wide as possible (so, square meters between multiple nodes). I probably would have just run as far as possible, but some of the contestants do far more clever things than that.

As a bonus, here’s a fun compilation of contestants who are given challenges that no other contestants are given (unknowingly). I’ve tried to timestamp it at my favorite part.

Do you have a favorite Taskmaster video or task?

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Taskmaster Challenge?”

  1. I’m so glad you’ve discovered Taskmaster! We’ve caught up on all the seasons available on YouTube and have enjoyed them tremendously. I really can’t pick a favorite task!

  2. I didn’t know this show existed, and now I’m in danger of losing my day… lol. Not really, but I have only watched the pizza one, and it was hilarious. It has a contestant from another ridiculous British comedy show bit that I just crack up watching every time (some language, fyi) — Carrot in a Box https://youtu.be/0UGuPvrsG3E


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