Have You Seen “The Batman?” (My Thoughts)

I try to keep my expectations low for highly anticipated blockbuster movies, as I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than unpleasantly disappointed. So I was actually a little worried when I started to see how highly the new Batman movie was reviewed–excited, but worried that my expectations were too high.

Having now seen it, I think my expectations were in the exactly correct position. Some minor nitpicks not even worth mentioning aside, I think The Batman is a very good movie, one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I’ll talk about it a bit below, but in an abstract way completely devoid of spoilers.

The biggest thing I’ll remember about The Batman is how it’s primarily a mystery in the style of the movie Seven. It seems so obvious now that I’ve seen the film that this is the sweet spot for a Batman movie. Yes, Batman is a fighter, but he’s also a detective, and that’s a huge focus here.

The next biggest thing I’ll remember is the cinematography and direction. It’s a long movie–perhaps a little too long–but the payoff is worth it whenever Matt Reeves lingers on a perfect shot, which happens quite frequently.

The last aspect of the movie that stood out to me was the acting and casting choices. Zoe Kravitz is perfectly cast as Catwoman, Robert Pattinson is actually quite good in the Batsuit (maybe a little too emo when he’s wearing normal clothes, but it kind of fits his character), and the supporting cast–I don’t want to spoil anything here–is excellent.

I’d love to hear your favorite moment or aspect in The Batman–the comments are spoiler-friendly. What did you think?

3 thoughts on “Have You Seen “The Batman?” (My Thoughts)”

  1. Hi Jamey, like you I really enjoyed the focus on Batman being a detective. I thought Robert Pattinson was great at being watchful both in and out the suit. Two things I’d love to know your thoughts on, first, does the thought of writing a DC or Marvel story appeal to you? And in what order would you rank all the screen Batmen ?

    • I hadn’t ever thought of it, but it would be fun to write a DC or Marvel story. In terms of physicality, I think Ben Affleck best fits the Batman seen in the graphic novels, but I think Christian Bale made for the best Bruce Wayne. I’ll also always have an affection for “my” first Batman, Michael Keaton. You?

  2. Having watched it last night, I actually think this is the best Batman movie to date. And Nolan’s are a very difficult act to follow.


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