Have You Watched “Abbott Elementary”? (My Thoughts)

I hadn’t heard anything about Abbott Elementary until a friend recommended it as “The Office” in an elementary school. That was good enough for me. We’ve since watched all available episodes, and I love the show.

Coincidentally, just like The Office, Abbott Elementary is also set in Pennsylvania (Philadelphia this time, not Scranton). A fake documentary crew follows teachers, administrators, other employees, and students at an inner-city elementary school, and the results are just as funny as they are heartwarming.

Lots of the humor and plot points are driven by the classroom setting, but the show does a good job of building memorable character-based quirks too (such as a character who prefers boiled chicken to pizza). I really like the mix of humor.

And just like The Office, there’s a strong emotional core to each episode. The show must be written by teachers, as the topics (like gifted programs, technology in classrooms, parental involvement, etc) seem to delve deeper than what those outside the educational system would know.

The one very minor misstep, in my opinion, is that also just like The Office, Abbott Elementary immediately begins with a will-they-won’t they subplot between two of the characters. I think it worked in The Office because Jim and Pam have already known each other for a while when the show begins, but that isn’t the case with the characters in Abbott. I think this show has many seasons in its future, so I just hope it doesn’t rush any romantic entanglements–let them happen as organically as scripted show can.

Are you enjoying Abbott Elementary? What’s your half-hour comedy of choice right now?

1 thought on “Have You Watched “Abbott Elementary”? (My Thoughts)”

  1. Jamey,

    As much as I love comedy, I don’t watch a lot of sit-coms as they tend to be more insipid than funny. This one might find me interested as I’m again in my hometown of Philadelphia…we’ll see.



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