My Top 10 Favorite Games (as of March 2022)

Every six months I update my top 10 favorite tabletop games list. For this list, I looked back at most of my top 10 videos over the last few years for games that were ranked 1 and 2 multiple times (for any type of list, most of which focus on a specific mechanism), and I ranked those games for this list.

There are many great games from other publishers that won’t make the list even though I’m fond of them, and Stonemaier Games products aren’t eligible due to extreme bias on my part. I also don’t include campaign games in this list–as much as I love those experiences, this list is specifically focused on games I’m eager to get back to the table over and over again.

The previous list is here. I tend to cycle through favorites, hence why I do this every 6 months, but that also means that there are previous favorites that may completely drop off the list for 6-12 months.

Honorable mentions: A Feast for Odin, Azul Summer Pavilion, Fantasy Realms, Hanamikoji, Just One, On Tour, Parks, Patchwork, Scotland Yard, Shards of Infinity, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Mysterium Park, Sushi Roll, Tzolk’in, Lords of Waterdeep, Space Base

10. 7 Wonders Duel: Among many excellent options, this continues to be one of my favorite 2-player only games. I-cut-you-choose, engine building, instant win conditions, tug-of-war…it has so many of my favorite mechanisms.

9. Ra : This is my favorite auction game and one of my favorite push-your-luck games. The tension in Ra is palpable, and I love the risk-reward of waiting to bid on a giant pool of tiles versus grabbing just a few tiles at a great price.

8.  Roll Player: The entire point of this game is to build a compelling D&D-style character…and that’s it. I love that the story stops there. To get there, though, the game has players drafting dice to place on their mats in a fun stat-building puzzle and acquiring cards to better define your character’s special abilities. I also truly love the standalone campaign game, Roll Player Adventures.

7. Terra Mystica: The asymmetry in this medium-heavy Euro game has made it return to my table so many times over the years. In fact, I designed a faction for it that may appear in a future expansion!

6.  Magic the Gathering: I sometimes forget to include Magic in these lists because every set feels so fresh and new (and completely off the radar of most hobby game content creators I follow). But I continue to love the game, including the recent Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.

5. Ark Nova: The newest game on this list has wowed me with its brilliant action-selection system, sheer variety of cards, and interesting choices throughout every game. It’s a game I want to play over and over again.

4.  The Isle of Cats: The only polyomino game currently on this list, The Isle of Cats is a whimsically themed game about collecting cats on a boat using fish. I love the draft, and I love that you just get a big supply of fish for free each round. I enjoy this game at all player counts.

3. Clank: When I think about deckbuilding, my mind always goes to Clank, perhaps because the game is just as much about running through a dungeon picking up cool stuff and getting out in time as it is about creating a unique deck. I had a blast with the legacy version too.

2.  The Quacks of Quedlinburg: This potion-brewing game combines so many things I love: bag building, push your luck, engine building, simultaneous actions…it’s an amazing elixir that’s fun whether I win or lose.

1. Dune Imperium: I knew nothing about Dune before playing this worker-placement, deckbuilding game, and it does such a great job at incorporating the world with the mechanisms that I read the first book after my first few plays of the game. I now own it, and I’m excited to play it at any time (and I’m eager to finally try the expansion!)

What are a few of your favorite games that you’ve consistently ranked among your favorite games?

2 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Games (as of March 2022)”

  1. Jamey,

    Great list and while I’ve played 9 of the 10 games on the list, none currently reside there, but I can absolutely see Ark Nova making the list. For me, the Top 10 includes, among others, Troyes, La Granja, and Arkham Horror.


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