Survivor Is Back! Plus Challenge Hacks

Survivor season 42 started last week with an long premier episode featuring what appears to be an excellent cast, some twists from season 41, and some new elements.

My favorite part of the new season so far happens in the first 10 minutes. One contestant from each tribe is told to run to a puzzle out of view of their tribemates, and they’re expecting to race through a challenge.

Instead, the challenge gives them a choice to pretend like there was a race (using mud that they purposely smear all over each other); if they choose that option, they each gain an advantage. They later learn that the advantage grows stronger as their unlikely conspirators are eliminated from the game. It’ll be fun to see how that evolves.

While I eagerly await the next episode, I thought I’d share one of my favorite types of Survivor content: Videos showing contestants “hacking” challenges with clever methods, some of which the producers may not have anticipated. Here’s the first and latest videos in this series:

Are you watching the new season? I’m curious to see if any current contestants think of a clever challenge hack!

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    • It’s hard for me to remember specific seasons, but I think David vs Goliath is a good start, as it happens after the show has found its footing, yet it doesn’t have any returning players you need to know.


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