What’s a Recent Quote That Resonated with You?

While listening to my new-favorite “Smartless” podcast, I heard two quotes from different guests that really resonated with me, so I thought I’d share them with my thoughts here.

“There is only us; there is no them.” –Ken Burns

I just thought this was a beautiful way to talk about humanity. People all too often draw lines and decide who’s in and who’s out. But really, we’re all people.

“Once you give people a convenience it’s tough to then take it away.” –JJ Abrams

I think this is a great insight. As I recall, Abrams was talking about the shift from movie theaters to watching movies at home, and it also applies to other things like online shopping. I view it as both a cautionary quote and one that can reveal interesting opportunities.

Have you heard a quote recently that made you think?

4 thoughts on “What’s a Recent Quote That Resonated with You?”

  1. Great insight. The latter, about convenience is true.
    The Kramer track, such as the points scoring board around Ticket to Ride (a stream I had with Stephen Bounocore a few hours ago) could use a a recessed board, just like Azul… But the costs(!) I also think it works both ways, who would not feel guilty lifting sanctions first from Russia?

  2. “Relying on hypothetical edge cases to deny a general good is poor form.” I don’t know who said it – couldn’t find it when I tried to Google it.

  3. I recently read quote from Callum Angus’s short story, “Canada”, which was particularly poignant for me:

    “What’s money when they still call you Jenny?”

    It’s by a trans man, Jay, whose workplace is falling apart. I just thought it was a really succinct, distilled way of describing gender dysphoria.


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