I Feel Sorry for These Words

I should start off by saying that I try really hard not to be picky about typos in the informal written word (email, text, blogs, etc). There’s almost certainly a typo somewhere in this post. However, there are a few words I often see–not just on the internet, but also on TV and in books–that … Read more

Have You Watched “Severance”? (My Thoughts)

Severance is an absurdly weird and mysterious show…and I’m completely hooked. This Apple TV series follows Mark, an employee at a company called Lumon. For various implied reasons–including corporate security–Mark has opted into process called “severance”. At work, he can’t remember anything about his personal life; at home, he can’t remember anything about his job. … Read more

My Greatest Disc Golf Misadventure So Far

In good humor and jest, I thought it might be fun to share my wildest day of disc golfing so far, which just occurred this past week at the beautiful Logan University course here in St. Louis. I’ll recount the highs and lows in chronological order: During warmups, I wasn’t paying attention, and I got … Read more