Are You Watching “Moon Knight”? (My Thoughts)

We’ve been watching Marvel’s “Moon Knight” series week to week (5 episodes so far) and enjoying it…yet until yesterday’s episode I wasn’t quite sure what I could write about the show other than to praise Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke. That isn’t a criticism of the show; rather, it’s just that each episode is so different.

Moon Knight starts out a little like a twist on the Hulk or Venom: There is a superpowered entity inside of a mild-mannered person, and that person has limited control of that entity.

Then the tone completely shifts for a few episodes in Egypt, where it feels much more like the Mummy movies. It’s a fun romp through the desert and into some ancient tombs, and the stakes are raised.

Episode 5 is completely different. It’s like the 6th Harry Potter book in that we spend most of the episode in the past instead of the present, and the details that emerge help to make sense of what we’ve been watching for the last month.

Part of the reason that episode 5 really struck home with me is because I just finished watching Severance (an Apple TV series I wrote about earlier this week). I don’t want to spoil anything, but there’s a strong connection between the two shows that actually inspired even more of a conversation with Megan than either show by itself. I’d recommend watching both.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Moon Knight, and you’re welcome to talk about anything in the comments (spoiler-friendly zone there).

6 thoughts on “Are You Watching “Moon Knight”? (My Thoughts)”

  1. I’ve been absolutely loving it, especially due to the quality performances by both Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke (both of whom have blown my away which shouldn’t be a surprise). All I hope now is that the final episode “sticks the landing”!

  2. Have had an amazing time watch Moon Knight just like I did watching Severance! It does a great job of maintaining a sense of mystery and intrigue while also do a decent job of representing mental health issues.

  3. We tend to wait until the complete series is out until watching, as we dont love the anticipating feeling and then getting let down, it isn’t worth the time investment for us. We just finished Hawkeye and Book of Boba Fet, but really love how Disney has heard fans and given them an actual connected universe to stand on which was teased by Pixar.

    As creators we feel that other licenses are really dropping the ball by not creating more. Im talking DC, HP wizarding world, etc. I wonder if the thanks to the connected world is John Favro as he was the director of both Mandalorian and Iron Man, which afterward both franchises have really connected following materials. Love the ride.

    Do you have insights into these amazing times, and is there a better place to communicate your blog posts as Generate Press is super awkward to use. To leave a comment takes 5 additional clicks 😬

    • That’s an interesting take on connected worlds. While I like what Marvel and Star Wars have done with connected worlds across multiple types of media, I’m also fine with franchise content that stands by itself–for me it depends on the content/world.

      I don’t know what Generate Press is. I’m commenting here while logged into WordPress, and my comment will only take 1 click to post.

      • Generate Press is what it says at the bottom of the page of this page on my end, perhaps it is a part of word press. Some other blog posts you have written have zero responses, and I didnt know if there was another area where discussion was being had as commenting is harder on “our” end 🤷‍♂️.

        There are for sure places that have done great standalone media. However I know that there are people who love that games like Rolling Realms have connected other stand alone titles in a way that makes sense and doesnt feel campy.

        Making a stand alone thing is so much harder because you must create a new audience for it, however a continued story from a marketing standpoint is just getting your current customers to buy again from you.

        I for sure went to see Dune in theaters because I loved the actors, the director, the composer, and the Dune universe. Therfore it was a lot easier for them to market to me to see it.


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