Have You Watched “Death on the Nile”? (My Thoughts)

After watching CODA earlier this weekend, we discovered that the relatively new film with a star-studded cast, Death on the Nile, was also available (this time on Hulu), so we relaxed and settled down for a glamorous evening of mystery and murder.

[very mild spoilers about the structure of the film follow]

To my surprise, for a film called Death on the Nile, the first half of the movie passes without even a single river death. In hindsight, I think this was a brilliant decision, as it adds a a different type of mystery: Instead of only determining who the murderer is, you’re also left wondering who will be murdered.

This also gives the audience plenty of time to get to know the characters. There are some that are more endearing than others, to be sure, but it’s nice to spend time with them before something terrible happens.

Also, I really like the added character development of Hercule Poirot. I guess it isn’t entirely unique to provide backstory for a master sleuth, but it felt fresh here, and I like that he’s called out for eccentricities that have a negative impact on those around him.

Overall, I enjoyed Death on the Nile, and I’d recommend it. If you’ve watched it, what did you think?

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