My Greatest Disc Golf Misadventure So Far

In good humor and jest, I thought it might be fun to share my wildest day of disc golfing so far, which just occurred this past week at the beautiful Logan University course here in St. Louis. I’ll recount the highs and lows in chronological order:

  1. During warmups, I wasn’t paying attention, and I got hit in the back of the head by a disc thrown from around 200 feet away at pace. It was a glancing blow, nothing too bad (definitely could have been worse if I’d turned to face the disc), but it shook me up a bit.
  2. On the next basket, one that’s notorious for me because I’ve thrown my disc over a high fence multiple times, I of course threw my disc over the fence. Fortunately I found a good spot to climb over and back without injury, though I later learned that I poked a hole in the seat of my pants as a result. Unrelated to my throw, on this same basket we all searched and searched for Megan’s disc, finally finding it wedged vertically in the fence, stuck behind a fence post.
  3. Two baskets later, I tempted fate by throwing over a pond, and while I’ve accomplished this goal in the past, today I wasn’t even close to clearing it. However, the disc floated on the water, and we joked that it might arrive on shore later.
  4. I was really excited to try a shortcut strategy while throwing across an open field into the woods, but my disc veered hard to the right instead of going straight like I wanted. So I used one of my “calis” (a rethrow)…and did the exact same thing. I searched and searched for these two discs, but I couldn’t find either of them.
  5. While completing the next basket, Megan and Paul saw a yellow disc on the edge of the woods near a small pond, and sure enough, it was one of the discs I’d lost on the previous basket (far, far away from the target). I was able to recover it.
  6. On the next basket, we had another pond to cross, and while my throw didn’t clear it, it was close enough to the shore to get it back. I mentioned to Joe that the last time I’d cleared the pond, my next throw (along the edge of the pond) went deep into the water. So of course that’s what happened this time too. If you’re keeping track, I’ve now lost 4 discs on the day (but recovered 1).
  7. I almost comically fell face-first into the mud as we were finishing the round. To make up for the near miss, as I was running around a pond to recover the first disc I threw into the water (which had indeed floated ashore) I managed to cover most of my lower body in mud.
  8. After hitting all the trees on my second shot of the final basket, I managed to hit a 40-foot putt to end the day.

I think I’ve remembered everything from this wild day. Fortunately, despite the ups and downs, it was a beautiful day for disc golf, and I’m lucky to have such wonderful people to play with on a regular basis.

Have you had any sporting misadventures recently?

This is Miles, not me, but it’s a good representation of how the day went.

5 thoughts on “My Greatest Disc Golf Misadventure So Far”

  1. Wow, rough round. I always feel bad when I lose a disc even if it’s not a disc I particularly care about. I’d rather just spend the money for a replacement disc than feel bad about the round, but it can be hard to shake for some reason. I can’t imagine losing 3 on the same round! Playing with a good group definitely helps. Also hitting a great shot like your long putt helps. Sounds like a tricky course with all that water.

    There’s a 9 hole course in Vancouver, BC that is mostly short and easy, but the final hole is a 200′ shot over water the whole way to a basket not far from the water’s edge. You can go around and shoot for par or go after it by throwing over the pond. On my first round I parked it for a birdie. The second time I guess I was overconfident because I went for it again and I pulled it to the right, into the water. I was lucky that there was a guy in waders in the pond at the time retrieving discs, and he threw it back out for me. It ruined my score, but at least I didn’t lose my disc. I think that’s the only water-carry hole I’ve played. I’ve certainly lost a few in the forest and have also had to fish them out of creeks.

    Kind of like Megan, I had trouble finding my disc the other day. I searched up and down the drop-off behind the target where I thought it had gone. I did hear it hit wood, so it could’ve bounced anywhere. After much searching, I found it on the ground inside this huge old stump that the centre had rotted out of. I was able to stand inside the stump with wood surrounding me and make my putt. It was probably the most interesting lie I have had so far. The stump catching it saved my birdie for sure.

    • No, it was just a glancing collision–no impact on the brain. I’m fortunate that I don’t think I’ve ever had a concussion, though I’ve come far closer playing soccer than this disc golf incident.


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