Top 10 Games I Want to Play at Geekway 2022

In a few weeks I’m attending Geekway to the West, a tabletop game convention here in St. Louis. For most of 4 days I’ll play published games with a variety of people, both for fun and to learn from the experiences as a designer.

It will certainly feel weird to enter a convention hall with 1000+ people, but fortunately Geekway requires proof of COVID vaccination, and masks will be mandatory in most areas. Stonemaier Games has contributed a number of games–including the new Viticulture expansion and Rolling Realms–to the play-and-win section.

I’ve been compiling a list of games I really want to try at Geekway, and as I usually do, I’m going to share it below in case you already love one of these games and want to teach and play it with me. I don’t schedule anything at Geekway–I’ve found it just doesn’t work in this convention format–but I should be easy to spot as I wander around in my bright orange Stonemaier t-shirt.

Some of the games may be in their library, and there are probably some games in their play-and-win section that I’m unaware of. You’re also welcome to bring one of these games to Geekway if you own it, love it, and are happy to teach and play it with me.

My top 10 new-to-me games I want to play are as follows roughly in priority order, followed by some others on my list:

  • The Hunger
  • Radlands
  • Boonlake
  • Wonderland’s War
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Moonrakers
  • Bequest
  • Ethnos
  • Undaunted
  • Key to the Kingdom
  • Picture Perfect

Other games that intrigue me (just not as much of a priority as the above games) are Truffle Shuffle, Star Wars Outer Rim (which a local friend owns, so I’m fine just playing that at my regular game night), Sanctum, Innovation, Master of Wills, LotR: The Confrontation, Rocketmen, Explorers, Legacies, Origins First Builders, Lock Up, Living Forest, Chickwood Forest

Whether or not you’re attending Geekway, what are some new-to-you games you’re hoping to try soon? Also, if you’re visiting St. Louis, here are my restaurant recommendations in a variety of categories.

21 thoughts on “Top 10 Games I Want to Play at Geekway 2022”

      • I forgot – Hamlet for sure will not be out – though Milie Fiori in English is now available in Europe. Only a few copies have made it to American shores. And I hear official American release will not be until October.

    • Thanks Tim! I look forward to playing it with you. I think it’s the longest game on my list, but I’m very curious about it.

    • If you see me around and want another player – Boonlake is on my wish list to learn. I have it on my shelf of opportunity and love learning games I own.

      • I will hopefully be sneaking in copies to place into boxes that I find in the library 😂, but if you have others whom want to teach it to you thats great! Like you said Im taking your advice and not scheduling anything at the convention because who knows what might happen. I will hopefully find you alone at some point to whip it out and show you if someone hasnt beaten me to it, but if you wanted to print it out and try it with whomever before the convention, I would love more blind feedback.

  1. Radlands is excellent! I keep the small box version in a bag with my other small games I like to have on hand. I’ll likely have it with me at the convention, if I spot you and get up the nerve it is a very quick game to teach and play :).

    Thanks for the list of restaurants, btw, I am staying with some friends and i’m newly vegetarian (trying to be!) so it’ll be cool to have some restaurants to suggest to them for a change!

    • I would very much like to play Radlands with you at Geekway, Robert! I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts if you try any of these restaurants.

  2. Hi Jamey! I can teach you The Hunger, Radlands, and probably Boonlake (I’ve read the rules and watched a couple of playthroughs). It does look like you already have some people lined up for Radlands and Boonlake, but if things don’t work out, you have backup! 🙂 I see a lot of games on your list I’d like to try, but haven’t had the opportunity to play. Maybe I’ll be able to get in a play or two during Geekway and then I can teach them as well. See you there!

    • Thanks Nathan! I’ll gladly play The Hunger with you. Look out for me in the orange shirt–I’ll be in the main hall every day from around 11:30 to 6:00, maybe earlier on the weekend.


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