Are You Watching Star Trek: Strange New Worlds?

Even with Obi-Wan and Stranger Things coming to televisions everywhere soon, I recently decided to start another sci-fi show, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

I’ve never watched a Star Trek show from start to finish (just a few recommended episodes here and there), and I’ve seen some of the movies. But I read that this new show is the best reviewed Star Trek show ever, so I thought I’d give it a try.

We’re now 2 episodes in, and I have to agree with the critics: It’s excellent. The production is top-notch, each of the actors and the characters they embody already have me intrigued, and the writing is great.

I’m sure this isn’t new to Trekkies, but I love the concept of each episode revealing a new world (I love seeing different planets, civilizations, and cultures) and a problem that asks questions about our own world.

I’d also add that the show is very welcoming to people like me who know very little about Star Trek. It helps that the characters add a healthy amount of levity to an otherwise serious show–the humor isn’t quite on the level of The Orville, which I also love, but it’s enough.

If you haven’t watched a Star Trek show, I’d definitely recommend Strange New Worlds on Paramount +. If you are watching it, what do you think? Do you agree with the critics that it might be the best Star Trek series?

6 thoughts on “Are You Watching Star Trek: Strange New Worlds?”

  1. Yes, we watch all things Star Trek in our house and Strange New Worlds has been pretty good so far. So far I think I prefer Discovery out of the new series, although we’ve enjoyed all of them. We just love the positive depiction of the future that Star Trek brings, and my son has now watched all of them (800+ episodes) multiple times as have we. We really only started to get back into it when he started watching them at about age 8 (he’s 15 now).

    Hard to pick a favourite, but some parts of Deep Space 9 are probably the peak, but there’s great episodes spread amongst all the series.

    Note: I’m not talking about any of the animated series though as we haven’t watched much of those. Just doesn’t seem like Star Trek to us.

  2. Well, you’ve convinced me to give it a go.
    ST:TNG remains my favorite, with DS9 a close second.
    In recent times, it feels like it’s just any other action franchise and that the producers, writers, and directors have migrated far from Roddenberry’s vision, which was truly revolutionary.

    • I’m curious if you think SNW returns to that vision. While the production of the show is excellent, through the first few episodes I wouldn’t say the focus is on action at all–it’s more about careful deliberation (and some last-minute solutions).

  3. Hi Jamey! I didn’t know that there was a new Star Trek show out but I’m very excited to see it. I used to watch the original Star Trek as a kid, and TNG was the first show of which I watched every episode. I also watched a lot of DS9 and Voyager, and then, more recently, Discovery. As for SNW, from what you are saying, it sounds like it has gone back to the old days of the original and TNG where they visit new worlds and have adventures there, which was always the best part of Star Trek for me. I loved the different cultures and species they would meet on an away trip, and a lot of thought went into giving depth to these cultures for the short time we would get to meet them. I wonder if they keep to their old cliché of sending an unknown character in a red shirt down to the planet with the main characters, who you just know was not going to make it back to the Enterprise… I think I am going to wait until the season is complete because I prefer to binge the entire season in a week rather than waiting for each individual episode to come out. Thanks for letting me know about the new series!!


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