My Two Mothers and the Power of Choice

Mother’s Day was yesterday here in the US, so I wanted to celebrate the choices that two mothers who were instrumental in giving me life had the power to make: My mom and my biological mother.

I’ll start with my biological mother, as that’s where it all started. She got pregnant in 1980 and wasn’t in a good place in her life to raise a child. She made the choice to carry me to term, during which she enlisted the help of a friend to find parents who were looking to adopt.

I’m truly grateful for the choice she made, and I think it’s incredibly important that she had the power to make the choice that was right for herself and for me. The decision wasn’t made for her, and thus the choice came from a selfless place of love, not obligation.

Meanwhile, my mom and dad were looking to adopt their first child, and there I was! I was due to arrive in December 1980, but I was a little late, so they picked me up in early January a few days after I was born.

Their choice to adopt has always been incredibly powerful to me, as they chose to give me a life. Life is so more more than the moment of birth–it’s about every moment that follows as parents, the health care system, and the local, state, and federal government choose to support a child.

These choices all matter because my two mothers had the power to make them (or choose something else).

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, and I celebrate and support your ability to make these tough choices.

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