People Doing Cool Things for Their Loved Ones (Pet Please #161)

This may sound like the most generic pet please ever, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to share for a while, so I’ll try to make sense of it.

I’m a tabletop game designer and publisher. Every now and then (maybe a few times each month), I get one of two types of requests. I’ll paraphrase them below:

  1. “I have an upcoming special occasion. Can you do something special for me?”
  2. “My loved one (friend/partner/family member) has an upcoming special occasion. Can you do something for them?”

Both requests are perfectly valid, and I’m flattered that they’d value me enough to involve me. But I’m generally around 10x more excited and motivated by selfless requests.

One such instance happened recently. Someone contacted me to say that they were spending today in St. Louis with a good friend–someone who is a big fan of our games–and they were wondering if they could surprise that friend by stopping by Stonemaier Games HQ (they didn’t realize that I work from home).

I’ll be 100% honest: If this had been the first type of request, I would have mostly likely explained that I work from home and instead recommended a few St. Louis hotspots for them to check out.

But this was the second type of request–a person doing something because they thought it might bring joy to a friend. It’s that type of request that truly warms my heart and gives me hope for humanity.

So I recommended a dessert place near my home, and the person texted me when they arrived. The friend thought they were just there to get dessert, and they were quite shocked when I appeared outside. We had a nice chat, and then they went back to getting a treat and I went back to work.

The encounter made my day, if not my week or month. The person’s reaction was great, but more than anything, it made me incredibly happy to see their friend try to do something special for them. It’s one of my favorite things.

Do you share this love for selfless acts of friendship?

1 thought on “People Doing Cool Things for Their Loved Ones (Pet Please #161)”

  1. It’s always amazing when someone knows you enough to plan this simple things that bring a lot of joy to the receiver. I always feel like the best gifts usually are free!


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